Alaaskafit focuses on production of Quality Clothing Manufacturing

Production Capacity: Alaaskafit Textiles has been producing customized Clothing Manufacturing for 7 years. We have a set of perfect production process, can produce hundreds of Apparel for customers at the same time, and have a special person responsible for tracking and quality inspection. We produce 10,000 pieces of Apparel for our customers every month.

Manufacturing Technique: We have a variety of processes for producing our fitness wear. Such as: Silk Screen Printing/Heat,Transfer/Sublimation/Silicon/Embroidery/Applique/Laser Cut/Washed Process/Direct Injection/Tie-dye.


Check out hottest styles.


Check out hottest styles.


Check out hottest styles.

Regarding Quality, We Put It First.

Whether it is the materials we purchase from our suppliers or the semi-finished products we have processed, we will conduct quality inspections to ensure the quality of the products.

Alaaskafit Private label Clothing Manufacturer

We provide private custom solutions for brand owners, Internet celebrities, and fitness bloggers.

A: If you are a brand dealer , then we will provide you with different services according to your brand positioning. such as:

a: You need us to provide fast shipping services, then we will provide you with a plan suggestion of the order time according to your sales plan, and constantly adjust our production according to your actual sales situation, on time Ship to you for sale, so as not to miss the peak period of sales.


b: You need us to provide high-quality products, so for your brand products, we will add one more quality inspection, and will conduct a random inspection of the finished product. After the random inspection is OK, we will ship it.


c: You need us to provide design options, then we will communicate with you and have a deep understanding of your brand concept, and design a series of products that fit your design concept, and push you to choose.


B: If you are an Internet celebrity and fitness bloggers, we will design a series of products based on the characteristics and needs of your fans and recommend them to you, and we will give you some planning suggestions for the order time , So that you can avoid the troubles of the supply chain, can better cooperate with your sales, and let you better focus on the front-end sales.


Story 1:

A story of an Internet celebrity: After three years of social recognition on social media, we wanted to further provide a more active lifestyle through the identity of an Internet celebrity. Therefore, with the support of Alaaskafit Textile, we quickly established our own brand and maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.



Story 2:

A Story of a brand owner: I am a brand owner and quality is a very important key to me, so I pay special attention to a good quality inspection/design, etc. During the cooperation with Alaaskafit Textile, the product quality and logistics transaction security are guaranteed.



Story 3:

I am a sports and fitness expert, in line with the requirements of everyone, I started my fashion men’s sportswear product recommendation a few years ago. I have worked with Alaaskafit Textile for many years. Over the years, Alaaskafit Textile has assisted us by recommending fast drying breathable fitness clothes and helping us to derive related products.

Alaaskafit focuses on production of Quality Clothing Manufacturing

Alaaskafit Textiles has been focusing on quality manufacturing for 7 years. Long-term experience can help customers achieve the required standards in all aspects. For new brands, whether they want to produce Apparel with guaranteed quality, the most important thing is to choose a strong clothing manufacturer.

We have our own design team

Our design team has 5 years of experience in unique clothing designing and pa making. From design to sample completion, the speed is faster and the quality is guaranteed. These are two very important points for brand owners. Too much time is wasted, which greatly increases and reduces the inventory of the brand owner, and may even increase the brand owner’s own sales, which can better improve the loyalty of the brand and direct buyers.

We have our own business team

We have a very professional business team. Our sales team can quickly tell the brand your order progress, but also provide online video pictures, to provide intuitive feedback for the brand. In the production process, there are quality inspection teams in all links. For brands, it will undoubtedly increase confidence in their sales.

How We Work

Idea Sharing

We at Alaaskafit textile desperate to know the ideas & designs from their Potential Client. After discussion with our client, experienced supervisors are ready to give your idea, the shape.


We make a pre-production sample for your approval. Our team of skilled sampling will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the garment before any further steps are taken.

Mass Production

With Pakistan based factory we manufacture garment to the highest standard. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Alaaskafit also guarantees you are working with the supplier directly.

Quality Check

We managed a Quality Control mechanism so as to provide high quality clothing to our clients from fabric sorted to packaging. Professionals are doing well in each operation.

Best Delivery Productions

We have signed contracts with forwarders of the various categories. We give them heavy load and they give us the best shipping rates. So as we provide our clients best shipping offers.

After Sales Feedback

We take responsibility of products. We are anxious to know the feedback from our customers. Because your feedback gives us more potential in order to maintain high quality mechanism.

Address 1:

Canal bank road Lahore, Punjab Pakistan.

Address 2:

Haji Pura Road Sialkot, Punjab Pakistan.






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