About Us


Alaaskafit Textile is a leading Clothing manufacturing group that supports coveted Sports-wear, Fitness-wear, and Street-wear apparel brands in the continuing quest to maintain their exclusive brand equity and grow their footprint globally, while giving equal service to visionary start-up brands, partnering with each according to its needs. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

All our finished garments are appreciated for tear resistance, fine stitching, shrinkage resistance, color fastness, uniform dyeing, and other required conditions.

Removing any kind of budget barrier, we have set competitive prices for our products. We are always in a quest for making cost-effective special quality fabrics.

An ethical overseas clothing manufacturer

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In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, we understand how difficult it can be to find a manufacturing relationship that can deliver cost-effective, ethically responsible products, with minimal interruptions.

Our industry expertise and proven track record of superior service has helped us to establish numerous relationships that have evolved into client friendships spanning years. Our objective is to always listen to and understand our clients objectives and challenges, making our partnerships that much stronger. We feel it’s important to learn from our mistakes as well as our successes, and to incorporate those lessons into strategic improvements that will be mutually beneficial to both Stars and our clients.

Our handpicked staff and manufacturing partners, rigorous training regimens, and strict guidelines, ensure that our clients are partnered with one of the strongest, most forward-thinking companies in the industry.

Confidentiality & security of your designs.

We as clothing manufacturer secure your designs from the moment we receive your tech packs & design details unlike sourcing agents who share your designs with several inexperienced manufacturers leading to a high possibility of plagiarism.

Experienced & innovating workforce

Our craftsmen are skilled in developing garments as per the tech packs with a minimum of 99% accuracy in the first sample development process itself. Most of them have over two decades of experience.

Custom special fabric finishes

We can provide you with a wide variety of mechanical & chemical finishes like water resistance, UV protection, stain repellent, antimicrobial, and fire retardant along with different washing procedures like stone washing & acid washing.

Custom trims & accessories

As per the buyer’s requirements we can source custom made clothing accessories that puts your brand our par with international brands.

Why Choose Us

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Idea Sharing

We at Alaaskafit textile desperate to know the ideas & designs from their Potential Client. After discussion with our client, experienced supervisors are ready to give your idea, the shape.

Mass Production

With Pakistan based factory we manufacture garment to the highest standard. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Alaaskafit also guarantees you are working with the supplier directly.

Best Delivery Productions

We have signed contracts with forwarders of the various categories. We give them heavy load and they give us the best shipping rates. So as we provide our clients best shipping offers.


We make a pre-production sample for your approval. Our team of skilled sampling will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the garment before any further steps are taken.

Quality Check

We managed a Quality Control mechanism so as to provide high quality clothing to our clients from fabric sorted to packaging. Professionals are doing well in each operation.

After Sales Feedback

We take responsibility of products. We are anxious to know the feedback from our customers. Because your feedback gives us more potential in order to maintain high quality mechanism.


We are a custom-made clothing manufacturer & fabrics export house from Pakistan.