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We provide private custom solutions for brand owners, Internet celebrities, and fitness bloggers.

Pre-Production Samples

Any changes to the details like fitting, print colours, size etc will be finalised in a pre-production sample before bulk production starts.

Bulk Production

After receiving sample approval, purchase order, artwork and the down-payment, the lead times for manufacturing apparel generally tend to be 3-8 weeks depending order size & complexity.

Quality Control

We strive to create quality products that will keep your customers coming back. We have two separate teams for every order to weed out any defective articles before packaging.


In our field the devil is in in the details. All items are steam ironed, neatly folded, packed individually into poly bags and proper boxed before shipping to the final destination.

We Focus On The Design & Production of Sportswear

Alaaskafit Textiles has been focusing on  sportswear for 10 years. Long-term experience can help customers achieve the required standards in all aspects. For new brands, whether they want to produce sportswear with unique design, or want to produce sportswear with guaranteed quality, the most important thing is to choose a strong supplier.

We Have Our Own DESIGN Team

Our design team has 5 years of experience in sportswear design and plate making. From design to sample completion, the speed is faster and the quality is guaranteed. These are two very important points for brand owners. Too much time is wasted, which greatly increases and reduces the inventory of the brand owner, and may even increase the brand owner’s own sales, which can better improve the loyalty of the brand and direct buyers

We Have Our Own BUSINESS Team

We have a very professional business team. Our sales team can quickly tell the brand your order progress, but also provide online video pictures, to provide intuitive feedback for the brand. In the production process, there are quality inspection teams in all links. For brands, it will undoubtedly increase confidence in their sales.

Address 1:

Canal bank road Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. 

Address 2:

Haji Pura Road Sialkot, Punjab Pakistan.